1: Adding & Subtracting Integers

Module 1: Adding & Subtracting Integers

Notes for Lesson 1.1 and 1.2

  • Adding integers SONG

  • Adding integers with chips VIDEO

  • Integer tile practice here

  • PHET: Looking at positive and negatives in real world here

  • Extra practice here with Kahn academy.

See below an example off adding on the number line.

  • Watch this video on adding integers with different signs here on a number line

Here is a diagram showing how to use the number line to add integers on a number line. You should create a number line at home and use is to add positive and negative integers.

  1. Always start at 0

  2. Move in the direction of the first integer. (positive= move right, negative= move left)

  3. From that point, move the number of units of the next integer. (positive=move right, negative=move left)

  • Notes for Lesson 1.3 and 1.4

  • Song on Subtracting Integers HERE

  • Watch this video on adding and subtracting integers for visual help here

  • Another video to see subtraction worked out here

  • Extra practice here Khan Academy

  • Notes on Video if you missed them in class