November 28 - December 2 Q2 W16

Monday: Similarity notes pgs. 1-4 HW: pgs. 5-6

Tuesday: In class pgs. 7-8 HW: pgs. 9-10

Wednesday: Notes on angles pg. 11 HW: pg. 12

Thursday: Notes angles pg. 13 HW; pg. 14

Friday: Notes pg. 15 HW: pg. 16

November 14-18 Q2 W15

Monday- Begin Inequalities Module 7: Notes pgs. 1-5 in class IXL T.8 to SS 80 HW: pgs. 6-7

Tuesday- Notes pgs. 9-10 HW: 11-1


Wednesday- Practice Test Mod 7 HW if not finished in class

Thursday- Go over practice test and computer review.: Go to Google Classroom for the link to the review on Quizizz, or you can try this one here!

****Retake on Module 6 if needed today****

Friday- Module 7 TEST **NO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK!!**

November 7-11 Q2 W14

Monday- Pre Test Module 6

Tuesday- Go over pretest and computer review

Wednesday- Module 6 TEST

Thursday- NO SCHOOL


October 31 - November 4 Q2 W13

Monday- Notes 19-20 HW: pg. 21 and IXL S.6 to SS 80

Tuesday- Notes pg. 22 in class pg. 23 HW: pg. 24

Wednesday- more practice in class. HW: pgs. 25-26

Thursday- Notes pgs. 28-30 HW: 31-32

Friday- In class Quizizz Link n Google Classroom HW: pgs. 34-35

October 24-28 Q2 W12

Monday- Notes pgs. 1-3, HW: IXL R.8 and R.12 to a SS 90

Tuesday- Notes pgs. 3-5 IXL in class R.14 and R.18 to a SS of 90 HW: 6-7

Wednesday- pgs. 8-9 in class HW: pgs. 10-11

Thursday- Notes pgs. 12-15 In class IXL R.22 to SS 90 HW: pg. 16

Friday- QUIZ on Expressions **RETAKE for Mod 5 in class TODAY**

October 17-21 Q2 W11

Monday - Notes on Commission and Simple Interest pg. 15 HW: pg. 16

Tuesday - More commission and simple interest pgs. 17-18 HW: pg. 19

Wednesday - Practice Test Mod 5: HW if not complete in class

Thursday - go over practice test and computer review go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM for Link

Friday Mod 5 TEST

October 10-14 Q1 W10 Last Week of Q1!


Monday: Module 5 Packet passed out. Notes pgs. 1,2,4. HW: pg. 5

Tuesday: Note pg. 3 IXL L.6 and L.7 to SS of 90

Wednesday: Work in class in groups HW: pg. 7 (Retake for Mod 4)

Thursday: Notes pgs. 8-9 HW: IXL L.11 to SS 90 and page 10

Friday: work in class in groups HW: pg. 12

October 3-7 Q1 W9

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Notes pgs. 20-21 HW pg. 22

Wednesday: Practice Test Module 4

Thursday: Go over practice test HW: Computer assignment/Study for Test

Friday: Module 4 Test

September 26-30 Q1 W8

Monday: Notes pg. 8-9 HW: IXL K.1, K.2 to a Smart Score of 90 Link to IXL HERE

Tuesday: Notes pg. 10 HW: pg. 11

Wednesday: Notes pgs. 14-15 HW: pgs. 16-17

Thursday: Work on pg. 18 in class HW: pg. 19

Friday: Computer work and HW if not finished in class: IXL K.4, K.5, K.8, K.10 to a Smart Score of 80


September 19-23 Q1 W7

Monday: Go over Mod 3 Practice test and review in class HW: STUDY for TEST

Tuesday: Mod 3 TEST today

Wednesday: Get Mod 4 packet. Notes pgs. 1-2 HW: IXL J.1, J.3, J.9, J.11 to a SS 80

Thursday: Notes pgs. 3-4 HW: pg. 5

Friday: More Unit Rate IXL J.6 and J.8 to a SS of 80. Link is in google classroom or homepage of this site. HW: pg. 7

September 12-16 Q1 W6

Monday: Notes pg. 10 Multiply Rationales HW - pgs. 11-12

Tuesday: Notes finish pg. 10 Divide Rationales HW - pg. 13

Wednesday: Work on order of operations with Rationales HW - pg. 14

Thursday: Work on writing rational expressions HW: pg. 16

Friday: Practice TEST Mod 3 Rationales

September 6-9 Q1 W5

Tuesday: Module 2 TEST

Wednesday: Get Mod 3 packet Notes pg. 1 HW: pgs. 2 and 4 (not pg.3)

Thursday: Notes pg. 3 HW: pg.6


August 29-September 2 Q1 W4

Monday: Module 1 TEST - Get Mod 2 packet - Notes pg. 1 - HW pgs. 2-3

Tuesday: Ordre of Operations, Notes pgs. 4-5 - HW: pg.7

Wednesday: More Order of Operations - HW pgs. 8-9

Thursday: Computer assignment posted in Google classroom today

Friday: Practice Test on Module 2 - TEST on TUESDAY (Monday is Labor Day, No School!)

August 22-26 Q1 W3

Monday- go over HW from Friday. Add integers, notes pg. 4 . Work on pg. 5 HW: pg. 6 from packet

Tuesday - go over HW, Warm up on pg. 7, Notes pg. 8, HW: pgs. 9-10

Wednesday - go over HW, do assignment in google classroom

Thursday - Practice Test for Mod 1

Friday- Go over practice test HW: Study for test on Monday on Mod 1

First Week of School- August 11-12

W1 Q1 Module 1

Learning Targets: 1. What is an Integer 2. What is Absolute Value 3. Add Integers on a number line

Thursday - Class Expectations and requirements, letter of agreement for accel. 7, go over how to calculate own grade, see math packet, log into computers and website,

HW: Return Signed sheet of agreement, bring a 3-Ring binder to hold math packets.

Friday - Get math packets begin lesson 1.1 integers. log into computers in quizizz

HW: complete quizizz assignment

Click to go to Module 1

Module 1 Q1 W2 August 15-19

Monday- Wednesday: I-Ready Testing this week. No HW

Thursday - We will have one more day of i-Ready teting

Friday- Begin Integers - Get packets, Notes pgs. 1-2. HW: pg.3 #'s 1-6 and 9. Quizizz assignment found in Google Classroom