MARCH 27-31      Q4     W30

Monday:  Practice Test on Transformations  HW if not finished in class

Tuesday:  Computer Review for TEST inside Google Classroom

Wednesday:  TEST on Transformations  Modules 19-20

Thur/Fri:  Transformation Project  ACADEMIC    Due end of class on Friday

      IS NEXT WEEK!!

MARCH 20-24     LAST WEEK OF Q3         W29

Monday:  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday:  Identify Translations    HW:  pg 17

Wednesdsay:  **QUIZ in class TODAY**        HW:  pg.  22

Thursday:  Dilations HW:  pgs.  25-28

Friday:  8th grade IXL's S.1, S.2, S.3, S.4,  TO SS 65                **END of  QUARTER  3!!**


MARCH 13-17     Q3     W28

Monday:  Translation activity

Tuesday: Reflections notes pg 9-10    HW:  pg 9a and 11

Wednesday:  Reflections HW:   IXL's  R.9 and R.10 To SS 90         ***RETAKE TODAY IN CLASS ON MODULE 18 LINEAR EQUATIONS*****

Thursday:  Rotations notes pgs. 12-13     HW: pg. 14

Friday:  Rotations IXL's   R.13 & R.14  to SS 90

MARCH 6-10       Q3       W27

Monday:  Go over the practice test and do Review Quizizz STUDY FOR TEST Look in google classroom for the Likn.

Tuesday:  TEST Mod 18

Wednesday:  Begin Transformations Mod 19-20  Notes pgs. 1-2     HW pgs. 3-4

Thursday:  Translations n the coordinate plane notes pgs 5-6     HW pg. 6a, 7, 8

Friday:  IXL practice translations:  

FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 3     Q3     W 26

Monday:  Notes 1-2  HW:  pgs. 3-4     ** REVIEW QUIZ ON SIMPLIFYING & SOLVING EQUATIONS  **

watch video from website

Tuesday:  QUIZ, Nots pgs. 7-8    HW:  pgs. 9-10

Wednesday:  Notes pgs. 11    HW:   pgs.  12 - 13

Thursday:  Review IXL's  Y.12, Y.15, Y.19, Y.20   SS 80

Friday:  Practice Test  MOD 18 Equations with variable on both side and special cases   TEST TUESDAY

FEBRUARY 13 - 17     Q3     W25

Monday:  Review for Test on Proportional and Non-Proportional Relationships Mod 17  HW: Link in Google Classroom for a Quizizz Review to a score of 85%

Tuesday:  TEST

WED-FRI:   I-Ready Testing    **No School, PRESIDENTS WEEK!!   No Homework, Enjoy!!*

FEBRUARY 6 - 10      Q3      W24

Monday:  TEST Proportional Relationships  Mod 16  Tuesday:  Packet 17 - Notes pgs. 1-2  HW:   pgs. 3-4  Wednesday:  Notes pgs. 5-6  HW:  pgs. 7-8Thursday:  In class 9-10   HW:  Pgs. 11-14Friday:  Practice Test MOD 17  Linear Relationships

January 30 - February 3      Q3      W23

Monday:  Mod 16  Notes ogs. 1-2  HW:  pgs 3-4

Tuesday:  Notes pgs.  5-8  HW  pgs.  9-11  IXL  K.5, K.6, K.7  SS 70

Wednesday  Work on IXL in class K.9, K.10, AA.1, AA.2, AA.5  SS 70  HW  in book  pgs. 518-520  #'s 1-10

Thursday:  Pratice Test Mod 16 and the **MOD 15 RETAKE**

Friday:  Go over test, computer review in google classroom  to 75%>>  TEST ON MONDAY!!!!

January 23 - 27        Q3        W22

Monday:  Scientific Notation notes pgs. 7-8     HW pg. 9 and IXL  E.1 , to SS 85

Tuesday:  Operations with Scientific Notation notes pg 10   HW:   pgs. 11-12 and IXL  E.4, E.5, E.6  to SS 75

Wednesday:  Practice Test HW if not finished in class       (RETAKE THE MOD 14 IN CLASS)

Thursday:  Review and computer assignment review in google classroom

Friday:  TEST on Module 15          HW-  IXL:  K.1, K.2, , K.4 to SS 70, 1 point  Extra Credit K.3 to SS 70 

JANUARY 16-20     Q3     W21

Monday:  NO  SCHOOL

Tuesday:  Go ver Practice Test    HW:  Computer assignment inGoogle Classroom to 75%

Wednesday:  MOD 14 TEST   HW:  IXL D.4 and D.5 to SS 80

Thursday:  Begin Mod 15  notes pg. 1  and IXL in class D.6, D.7, D.8 to SS 80   HW:  pgs. 2-3

Friday:  Notes pg. 4,  IXL D.11, D.12, D.13, D.15 to SS 75 and pgs.  5-6

WELCOME BACK!    JANUARY 10-13       Q3     W20

Monday:  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday:  Module 14 packet distributed.    Square and Cube Roots pgs. 437-443  HW IXL  8th grade! F.2, F.6, F.7, and G.4 to SS 80 each

Wednesday:  Classify numbers- 445-449  HW  - 8th grade!  IXL I.3  to SS 90

Thursday:  Ordering Real Numbers - 451-455    HW - IXL 8th grade!  pg. 454     #'s 1-16  I am taking off the IXL, there was a glitch in the one we were doing.   

Friday:  Practice Test Mod 14

December 19-22     LAST WEEK OF Q2!        W19

Monday:  Practice Test Mod 9b

Tuesday:  Go over practice test and computer review  TEST TOMORROW

Wednesday:  Mod 9b TEST

Thursday:  Tie up any loose ends!


December 12-16     Q2     W18

Monday- Mod 9a Practice Test

Tuesday- TEST Mod 9a

Wednesday- Get Mod 9b packet  Notes: pgs. 1-2   HW  pgs. 3-4

Thursday-  Notes pgs. 5   HW:  pgs. 6-7

Friday- Notes pg. 8   HW  9-10

December 5 - 9     Q2     W17

Monday- Practice Test Mod 8

Tuesday- TEST Module 8

Wednesday - Mod 9a Packets, Notes pgs. 1-2,    HW pgs. 3-4

Thursday -pgs. 5-6 in class,   Notes pg. 7    HW: pg. 8-9

Friday - Notes pgs. 10-13     HW: pgs. 14-15

November 28 - December 2     Q2     W16

Monday:  Similarity notes pgs. 1-4   HW: pgs. 5-6

Tuesday:  In class pgs. 7-8   HW: pgs. 9-10

Wednesday:  Notes on angles pg. 11   Do the QUIZIZZ in Google Classroom to 80% or better.  HW: pg. 12

Thursday:  Notes angles pg. 13  HW; pg. 14

Friday:  Notes pg. 15   HW: pg. 16 

November 14-18     Q2     W15

Monday- Begin Inequalities Module 7:  Notes pgs. 1-5  in class IXL T.8 to      SS 80  HW:  pgs. 6-7

Tuesday-  Notes pgs. 9-10    HW:  11-1


Wednesday- Practice Test Mod 7     HW if not finished in class

Thursday-  Go over practice test and computer review.:  Go to Google Classroom for the link to the review on Quizizz, or you can try this one here!  

****Retake on Module 6 if needed today****

Friday- Module 7 TEST   **NO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK!!**

November 7-11     Q2     W14

Monday- Pre Test Module 6

Tuesday- Go over pretest and computer review

Wednesday- Module 6 TEST

Thursday- NO SCHOOL

Friday-  NO SCHOOL

October 31 - November 4     Q2     W13

Monday- Notes 19-20   HW:  pg. 21 and IXL S.6 to SS 80

Tuesday- Notes pg. 22 in class pg. 23  HW: pg. 24

Wednesday- more practice in class.  HW:  pgs. 25-26

Thursday- Notes pgs. 28-30  HW:  31-32

Friday- In class Quizizz  Link n Google Classroom   HW:  pgs. 34-35

October 24-28     Q2     W12

Monday- Notes pgs. 1-3,         HW:  IXL R.8 and R.12  to a SS 90

Tuesday-  Notes pgs. 3-5  IXL in class R.14 and R.18 to a SS of 90      HW:  6-7

Wednesday-  pgs. 8-9 in class HW:  pgs. 10-11

Thursday-  Notes pgs. 12-15    In class IXL R.22 to SS 90     HW:  pg. 16

Friday- QUIZ on Expressions     **RETAKE for Mod 5 in class TODAY**

October 17-21     Q2     W11

Monday - Notes on Commission and Simple Interest pg. 15  HW:  pg. 16

Tuesday - More commission and simple interest pgs. 17-18  HW:  pg. 19

Wednesday - Practice Test Mod 5: HW if not complete in class

Thursday - go over practice test and computer review go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM for Link

Friday Mod 5 TEST

October 10-14     Q1     W10     Last Week of Q1!


Monday:  Module 5 Packet passed out.  Notes pgs. 1,2,4.  HW:  pg. 5

Tuesday:  Note pg. 3 IXL L.6 and L.7 to SS of 90

Wednesday:  Work in class in groups HW:  pg.  7 (Retake for Mod 4)

Thursday:  Notes pgs. 8-9  HW: IXL L.11 to SS 90 and page 10

Friday:  work in class in groups  HW:  pg. 12


October 3-7     Q1     W9

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Notes pgs. 20-21  HW pg. 22

Wednesday:  Practice Test Module 4

Thursday:  Go over practice test HW:  Computer assignment/Study for Test

Friday:  Module 4 Test

September 26-30     Q1     W8

Monday:  Notes pg. 8-9  HW:  IXL K.1, K.2 to a Smart Score of 90  Link to IXL HERE

Tuesday:  Notes pg. 10   HW: pg. 11

Wednesday:  Notes pgs. 14-15   HW: pgs. 16-17

Thursday:  Work on pg. 18 in class HW:  pg. 19

Friday:  Computer work and HW if not finished in class:  IXL K.4, K.5, K.8, K.10 to a Smart Score of 80


September 19-23     Q1     W7

Monday:  Go over Mod 3 Practice test and review in class  HW:  STUDY for TEST

Tuesday:  Mod 3 TEST today

Wednesday:  Get Mod 4 packet.  Notes pgs. 1-2  HW:  IXL J.1, J.3, J.9, J.11   to a SS 80

Thursday:  Notes pgs. 3-4  HW:  pg. 5

Friday:   More Unit Rate  IXL J.6 and J.8 to a SS of 80.   Link is in google classroom or homepage of this site.   HW:  pg. 7

September 12-16     Q1     W6

Monday:  Notes pg. 10 Multiply Rationales  HW - pgs. 11-12

Tuesday: Notes finish pg. 10 Divide Rationales  HW - pg. 13

Wednesday:  Work on order of operations with Rationales  HW - pg. 14    

Thursday:  Work on writing rational expressions  HW:  pg. 16

Friday:  Practice TEST Mod 3 Rationales

September 6-9     Q1     W5

Tuesday:  Module 2 TEST

Wednesday:  Get Mod 3 packet Notes pg. 1 HW: pgs. 2 and 4 (not pg.3)

Thursday:  Notes pg. 3 HW:  pg.6


August 29-September 2     Q1     W4    

Monday:   Module 1 TEST - Get Mod 2 packet - Notes pg. 1 - HW pgs. 2-3

Tuesday:  Ordre of Operations, Notes pgs. 4-5 - HW: pg.7

Wednesday:  More Order of Operations - HW pgs. 8-9

Thursday:  Computer assignment posted in Google classroom today

Friday:  Practice Test on Module 2 - TEST on TUESDAY   (Monday is Labor Day, No School!)  

August 22-26  Q1  W3

Monday- go over HW from Friday.  Add integers, notes pg. 4 .  Work on pg. 5 HW:  pg. 6 from packet

Tuesday - go over HW, Warm up on pg. 7, Notes pg. 8, HW: pgs. 9-10

Wednesday - go over HW,  do assignment in google classroom

Thursday - Practice Test for Mod 1

Friday- Go over practice test HW:  Study for test on Monday on Mod 1

First Week of School- August 11-12      

 W1     Q1       Module 1         

   Learning Targets:  1.  What is an Integer         2.  What is Absolute Value       3.  Add Integers on a number line

 Thursday - Class Expectations and requirements,  letter of agreement for accel. 7,  go over how to calculate own grade, see math packet, log into computers and website, 

 HW:  Return  Signed sheet of agreement, bring a  3-Ring binder to hold math packets.

Friday -  Get math packets begin lesson 1.1 integers. log into computers in quizizz

HW:  complete quizizz assignment

Click to go to Module 1


Module 1     Q1     W2     August 15-19

Monday- Wednesday:   I-Ready Testing this week.  No HW

Thursday -  We will have one more day of i-Ready teting

Friday- Begin Integers - Get packets, Notes pgs. 1-2. HW:  pg.3  #'s 1-6 and 9. Quizizz assignment found in Google Classroom