August 22-26 Q1 W3

Monday- go over HW from Friday. Add integers, notes pg. 4 . Work on pg. 5 HW: pg. 6 from packet

Tuesday - go over HW, practice adding in Quizizz in class, HW: pg. 7

First Week of School- August 11-12

W1 Q1 Module 1

Learning Targets: 1. What is an Integer 2. What is Absolute Value 3. Add Integers on a number line

Thursday - Class Expectations and requirements, get seats, Go over how to calculate own grade, log into computers and website if time

HW: Bring a 3-Ring binder to hold math packets

Friday - get math packet for Module 1.

Do a lesson on the computer for adding integers.

HW: assignment in quizizz

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Module 1 Q1 W2 August 15-19

Monday- Wednesday: I-Ready Testing this week. No HW

Thursday -