6: Expressions & Equations

mod 6.1.pdf
  • Lesson 6.1 notes Here

  • Practice combining like terms here

  • Watch the video below to learn about like terms and combining them click here

Watch the video below to see the distributive property

click here

mod 6.2 and 6.4.pdf
  • Lesson 6.2 and 6.4 notes Here

  • Watch this video to see problems worked out in 2 steps.

  • Practice here solving 2 step equations.

mod 6.3.pdf
  • Lesson 6.3 notes Here

  • practice here with braingenie writing 2 step equations

  • here is a list of word clues to help with operations in writing equations

  • REMEMBER: when you see the word "PER", a variable will follow the number before the word.

example: If a gym membership is $10 to join and is $5 per month, how many months would it take to pay $50?

Equaion: 10 + 5x = 50