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Don't be concerned that you might teach your students a different way than the book -that is actually a really good thing (especially right now).  Student's understanding the concepts is most important.  If you have a different take on explaining concepts please do!  If you are not sure how to help there will be links every section for additional help as well as weekly tutoring.  Each week you will see a note to parents (like this one).  Google classroom can be difficult for parents to navigate (they are blocked from some content).  In this section I will ask you to take a look at a few assignments to make sure your student is completing assignments.  This will serve as a conversation starter and a way for you to see if your student is on track without sitting and doing each step with them.  I really appreciate your help.

Weekly schedule


KHAN Academy has been a distance learning favorite at all levels for math.  Most lessons that I post will have a link to the corresponding lesson on Khan Academy for students who would like an additional learning opportunity.  Most strands incorporate a video explanation as well as practice problems with answers at the bottom.  These are great for learning the concepts, reviewing before a test and additional practice.


IXL is an amazing subscription that your student has access to.  It will take them through each unit that we are covering and students will practice with the concepts each week at home and sometimes in class.  Students will need to earn an 80 to move onto the next lesson.  If he/she is spending more than 30 minutes then take a break!


Google classroom is where I can assign work for students to complete and then they turn in the assignment digitally through google classroom.  Information/instructions would be found on this website but the work is turned in through google classroom.


Qwizdom remotes are a system used in class for quizzes and/or feedback.  When students type in their answer the system immediately tells them if they completed the question correctly.  Sometimes students can change their answer and try again.  Occasionally we play race car games with them to review concepts.